3D Printing Ready to Transform Digital Dentistry

Role of 3D Printing in Digital Dentistry

Recent 3D Printing Advances to Promote Digital Dentistry

3D Printing is creating waves across industries, transforming each and every field related as well as non-related to humans. 3D printing technology is catalysing us to evolve to a newer level. A couple of years back, everything felt like a scene from a blockbuster Hollywood scifi movie, but not any more. Let us have a look at some of the latest happenings which are disrupting the conventional dentistry procedures to pave way for the digital dentistry.

3D Systems Acquires Vertex Dental and NextDent

3D Systems, the inventors of 3D Printing acquired Vertex-Global Holding B.V. with an objective to transform digital dentistry. The official announcement of the acquisition of dental materials pioneer NextDent has been made on 31 January 2017. Digital dentistry is a multi billion dollar business opportunity, which is eyed upon with this strong collaboration. NextDent and 3D Systems technologies combined together are expected to make a breakthrough in digital dentistry.

In the words of Vyomesh Joshi, CEO and President of 3D Systems, “With the combination of our disruptive platform and NextDent’s revolutionary materials, we have the unique opportunity to deliver transformative digital production solutions from the dentist’s chair to the dental lab.”

Vertex Dental and NextDent are the leaders in polymer, photopolymer, monomer and thermoplastic materials manufacturing for 3D printing dental applications. NextDent holds 12 dental 3D printing materials regulatory approval to use in 70 countries across the world. 3D printing materials from NextDent enables dental professionals to create dentures, drilling templates, orthodontic splints, trays, crowns and bridges. The efficiency, speed and precision of these 3D printed dental materials is much higher than what is achieved in the conventional methods. Moreover, the cost of printing is much lower than the tractional procedures.

Rik Jacobs, CEO Vertex Dental and NextDent said, “We believe 3D Systems is the perfect match to help accelerate adoption of 3D production in the dental industry and drive innovation towards next generation solutions.”

Dubai Dental Authority to Start 3D Printing Teeth

In another major development, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) made some big announcements at Arab Health Congress (AHC) held recently in Dubai. It is going to promote the use of 3D Printing technology in healthcare and dentistry departments. Dental Services department is expected to increase 3D dentistry printing applications to a higher level by this year’s end. A collaboration between Sinterix, a local 3D printing company and Middle East Dental Laboratory has been finalised at AHC to create 3D printed teeth.

Director of Dental Services Department DHA, Dr. Hamda Mesmar said, “The 3D image helps us with accurate planning and precision especially for complicated dental procedures and surgeries. Patients will greatly benefit from the use of this technology as it helps in better patient outcomes as well as substantially reduces waiting time and cost of care.”

British 3D printers Renishaw is also entering the field of digital dentistry. They even exhibited their cobalt chrome 3D printed models at the 3D Medical Expo held in Maastricht quite recently.

Inexpensive 3D Printing Solutions for Dental Professionals

Apart from these big shots, many other affordable options have also made debut into the digital dentistry market. DWS, an Italian company has launched an affordable desktop 3D printer. It offers quality industrial 3D printing technology for small scale dental professionals. This machine uses some special dental application resins to create dental models. MiiCraft has also launched some resin based SLA 3D printers which can be employed to many dental applications.

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