How 3D Pens Benefit Classroom Teaching?

Benefits of 3D Pens in Classroom Teaching

3D Printing in Classroom

3D Printing Technology is transforming the industries with its innovative approach. 3D Pens and 3D Printers are the most effective carriers taking this revolution to newer heights by every passing day. Apart from being utilised directly in several manufacturing industries, the concept is changing the learning process practiced by most of the teachers in their classroom teaching. 3D Printers are expensive, because of which 3D Pens are gaining more acceptance in classrooms. Today, most of the 3D Pens are affordable, specially when you witness the benefits of 3D Pens as innumerable and beneficial to our upcoming generation.

3D Pens: Teachers or Learners Tool!

3D Pen is a great tool as an illustrator to elaborate on many complex concepts during their classroom teaching. Let it be history, design, art, craft, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or any other, you just name it. Using a 3D Pen is quite similar to using a glue pen, with a difference that you can now draw in three planes, rather than the traditional method of drawing merely in two planes. Teachers can use these innovative, light weight, ergonomically designed simple looking pens to draw 3D objects in the air to illustrate the concepts clearly to students. There is something for every age group of students; lots of fun for kids, adventure for teenagers and a perfect learning tool for youth.

3D Printing Wings Creativity

A 3D Printing Pen works quite similar to a manual 3D Printer, same FDM technology, same heated filament extrusion procedure and the same cooling process to stabilise the drawn 3D prototype. Drawing any 3D model in the air is as simple as drawing on a sheet of paper, although limited by your own drawing, crafting, imagination and creativity skills.

3D Pen for Learning Maths

A 3D pen has lots of utility in geometry, whereby the teacher as well as students can draw any geometrical shape at ease. They can experiment with these shapes to learn, understand and illustrate the many complex phenomenon of geometry. It may help many kids to fall in love with maths, who are in a hate relationship with such an interesting subject.

Architectural Drawing and Modelling

Drawing and modelling is an integral part of any architectural course. You can imagine the dynamics of a classroom when students start using their 3D Pens to give a concrete shape to their imaginary ideas. Recreating historical monuments would open an entire new realm of learning. It will be an extension to the use of 3D Pens in mathematical subjects.

Make Art and Craft with 3D Pens

Art and craft comes with an unlimited creativity options. Wood, paper, plastic and many other household products have always found a way to get carved in unique pieces of design. Hand over a 3D Pen to your kid and see their wings of creativity exploring new horizons. We believe, it brings creativity at its best amongst children. Most of the schools have some form of projects where children are assigned tasks to create different types of visual presentations. Origami designs can be traced with plastic extruding out of these 3D Pens.

Use of 3D Pen in Sculpture Making and Fine Art

Sculpture making is an old age traditional art form. Clay and plaster of paris have been the most widely used raw materials by sculptors across the world. Making sculptures with this new technology of 3D printing will surely add a new dimension to this unique art form. Many fine art concepts such as gesture drawing, expressive lines, contour lines etc. can be easily taught with a 3D Pen.

Application of 3D Pen in Science

Drawing atomic models in chemistry, mechanical & physical models in physics, anatomy of a human body and other biological creatures in biology can be well explained by drawing them live using a 3D Pen. Students can even draw many thematic displays to exhibit in their classrooms or even in the school exhibitions.

3D Pen Used in Product Design

Jewellery design, automobile engineering, fashion design etc. are some of the many areas of product design where 3D Pens are finding lots of utility. Experimenting the concept of design and carving out the schematic representation of ideas in shape not only gets simple, rather inexpensive.

3D Pen: A Learning Tool for Everyone

We firmly believe that the right use of 3D Pens and 3D Printing technology can change the way students learn their lessons in classrooms. Learning with Fun would have a new dimension with this technology of the future which has started penetrating into our classrooms.

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