3D Magic Pen : Transform your 2D Fantasy to 3D Reality

3D Magic Pen

How to Convert Your 2D Fantasies into 3D World?

Did you ever fantasised about creating your own imaginary world? Many of you might have partially done it already, but only on a flat piece of paper. Such drawings are limited to double dimensions art and craft world. Now, you can design and create (not only draw) butterflies, toys, dragons, barbies, aeroplanes or any other playful object by moving your hands in the air. Your imagination would be the only limit to your creativity with the 3D Magic Pen developed by HamiltonBuhl.

3D Magic Pen is an easy to use plug and play 3D Pen. Kids of almost all age groups can use it as a creativity tool to draw their imaginations into a three dimensional space. A bridge to help you fly out of your boring 2D world to enjoy the excitement of a 3D world.

President of HamiltonBuhl, Shelly Goldstein said, “The 3D Magic Pen™ is an amazing tool designed with safety and comfort in mind. Apart from creativity and fun, the 3D Magic Pen™ is a great way to foster learning too. Art stimulates creative thinking – which is essential in implementing cognitive skills, developing better communication, problem-solving, and increasing overall literacy.”

HamiltonBuhl is a well known name in the education industry for offering a wide range of AV equipment and electronics. The company started way back in 1933 as Hamilton Electronics. In 2011, the company got into a merger with Buhl Industries to take their products to newer heights. The company aims at facilitating the learning curve for students of all age groups.

Photo Credit: HamiltonBuhl
Transform your 2D Fantasies to 3D Reality

How to Use 3D Magic Pen?

3D Magic Pen is designed with an objective to promote creativity and learning in kids. Moreover, the learning process should be adventurous and fun.

Using this 3D Pen is easy even for novice users. You have to simply plug it into a power source and wait till it reaches the optimal temperature.

Once heated up, press the action button and start enjoying the 3D models of your creativity taking its concrete shape.

Features of 3D Magic Pen

3D Magic Pen is a plug and play device. It comes with easy grip design so that you can hold it firmly in your hand. Self feeding motor operates automatically, without expecting any iinput from you.

Using this 3D Pen is safe even for kids because of its ceramic nozzle. You can even adjust its speed with which the liquid flow out of the nozzle by using via speed adjusting dial.

A wide range of vibrant filament colors allow you to play with the colors in your 3D creative designs. As soon as you draw a layer, it quickly cools and hardens to solidify the drawn shape. Above all, no toxic filaments are used in this 3D Pen.

Vibrant Colored 3D Pen Filaments

3D Magic Pen comes with 3 basic color filaments. Although, you have the option to get a pack of 15 varied color filaments or even individual color filaments as per your requirement.

3D Pen is an excellent tool of creativity, especially for kids, when their imagination is at peak. You can conceptualize, design and create anything that comes to your imagination.

Sky is the limit and possibilities are endless, you just need to open your wings of creativity.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” Confucius

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